Welcome to Set Safety Solutions

Welcome to
Set Safety Solutions

We are proud to offer a range of sUAS Services provided by FAA Part 107 Certified Pilots. Our diverse team will work with you to meet your needs and ensure quality and timely deliverables so your project stays on track.


Construction Industry

We offer 3d photogrammetry, LiDAR, Progression Photos, Volumetric Analysis, and more.

Industrial Inspection

We offer 3d Photogrammetry, LiDAR, High Resolution Images, Thermal Imaging, and more


Search & Rescue

Our team can offer a bird’s eye perspective with high resolution and thermal imaging capabilities to enhance your tools in the field.

  • Fire (Wild & Structure)
  • Missing Person
  • Pre/Post Disaster Imaging & Mapping
  • Fugitive Recovery
  • Mission Overwatch


Our pilots enjoy flying but their real passion is creativity and showing the world the views from an aerial perspective.


Ready to find out how we can bring safety into focus on your project?
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